Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The 4th In Nashville

I don't recall sweating while watching fireworks on any previous 4th.

I did expect more general insanity from a Red State. My hometown of Cayucos (population "2500") was always crazier than anything I saw here.


Ryan said...

Since SLO bans DIY firework displays, we had to get our pyrotechnics from the nearby Blues game on the 3rd. Not bad for an amateur-time-run-like-a-minor-league-team's efforts. We were worried that Hattie would be scared, but she just stared and clapped when prompted by applause from the people around us. I brought some spare glow sticks we had left over from camping to hand out to kids at the park, but then thought it would be creepy for this guy to come looming out of the dark, offering stuff to children.

Josh (the oak) said...

the 4th in cayucos always had a decent fireworks show. nothing like the scale of this, complete with music broadcast over FM, but it was always pretty fancy.

There were are lot of DIY fireworks the day of, and after. S. kept saying "I wonder if we'll see more." and we usually did.