Friday, July 18, 2008

Yard Waste

Something I noticed immediately upon moving here is that garbage collection services are far less...extensive than in California, where we had weekly recycling, green waste and garbage pickup.

I was inexplicably surprised to find only trash and recycle bins, no green waste bin. But our current yard is large, so I neither expected nor encountered a problem finding a place to dump my grass clippings.

But at the same time I noticed people piling green waste along the street. When storms started knocking down trees, it wasn't uncommon to find an entire tree disassembled and rotting.

For months, this waste would pile up, wilt and turn brittle, sitting in large heaps all along my street. I had heard rumors from folks: "I think those yard places come get it..."

Well, this week I was surprised to see a large truck inching it's way up the street, a young boy sitting in the back operating a long hydraulic arm, stopping at each house and picking up the accumulated piles of brown yard waste. I guess this would be my tax dollars at work, but I think I prefer the Weekly Green Bin Pickup to the Sporadic Giant Crane Truck.


Josh (the oak) said...

As a follow up, I noticed today that for some reason, the truck didn't collect the green waste from all the houses on the street. On our block there are about 10 houses that still have a huge pile of dead tree out front.

So I guess there is still something that I am missing.

jenny moon said...

bob (who lived here in West Virginia off and on his entire life) takes our yard waste and drives up a "run" (country talk for a dirt road apparently) and tosses it out into the heavily wooded under brush. the first time this occurred i said, like the californian i will always be, "you're leaving that here?! do you have permission? isn't that littering?" to which he slowly blinked and replied with a smile "that's what you do here...think of it as compost"