Friday, June 27, 2008

Warning Signs

I am still trying to figure out how to get around here in Nashville. As big cities go, it isn't very big geographically, but I am still confused most of the time. Many of the roads go back pretty far into history, so they meander in ways that might have been convenient to drivers of horses and buggies, but make little sense to drivers of automobiles. This meander means that you will often encounter specific streets in places you would not expect.

Perhaps in an effort to atone for these oversights in Regional Planning, many streets in East Nashville have what I call "Warning Signs" in addition to street signs. These signs are posted 20-30 yards before an intersection to warn drivers (I suppose) which street they are approaching. Very handy given that it is easy to come unexpectedly upon and intersection, and given that a tree can easily obscure a street sign around here in only a week's growth.

Great Idea, Poor Implementation. Click the photo for an illustration. Warning signs are indistinguishable from street signs. And they are usually placed injudiciously. In the photo, Harwood Ave isn't the street indicated by the red arrow, that is a driveway. Nor is it the street indicated by the yellow arrow, that is also a driveway. It is in fact, the street indicated by the blue arrow.

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