Thursday, September 18, 2008

Well, it is a Red State

When not stressing about the potentiality of buying a house, I have been trying to process what is means to live here during an election year.

East Nashville is pretty diverse, so we see a good shuffling of campaign signs, including a fair number of Ron Paul and Clinton signs still up.

But this story is about how I found out McCain named his Veep.

I was at work, working with a customer on the retail floor and was forced by proximity, volume and absurdity to overhear half of a cell phone conversation.

Yeah. Yeah. She's a woman. They just announced it.

I had to turn around to observe this speaker, gripped by the southern accent I had incorrectly assumed to be a parody, and by the fact that I could imagine this statement being the setup for several decent punchlines. The speaker's accent was a real as his dirty off-brand 80's hi-tops, his cutoff sweat shorts, his white sleeveless t-shirt, and dirty "trucker's" cap.

No, no. She's good. I read all about it on the wikipedia. It was already up there.

Pause for other party.

Yeah, it's good. She's the Governor of Alaska. She hunts moose. Anyway, I'll call you later.

So, I guess Palin appeals to more than the crossover vote.


onefinemess said...

I'm still suspicious that the crossover voter thing is a semi-myth (other than things like Rush's little Hillary voting thing) but, I'd be really surprised if she does appeal to them. She's so incredibly polarizing and opinionated I'm not sure how a "Democrat", even a dubious one, could vote for her.

Jen Smith said...

Hell, I don't know how moderate Republicans can vote for her...oh wait, do moderate republicans exist anymore?

Josh (the oak) said...

@jen, I think they're called Whigs.

@andy, well i think americans have pretty well proved their inclination to vote against their best interests election after election, so we'll see.

onefinemess said...

This is true.
I'm always reminded by that cheezy old adage "We get the president we deserve." ...or something to that effect.

The country, on average, may just be stupid. I mean, a good chunk of them continually vote against their own self interest year after year.

Speaking of, did you see Idiocracy?

skylana said...

wait... you're not voting for McCain? not even now that he has a moose hunting woman on his side? evidently you dont understand what it takes to run a country.