Thursday, September 4, 2008

Survey Says...

Number of people I've seen walking around with a machete:

California: 0
Tennessee: 1

Number of people in the supermarket who don't seem to get the connection between physique and the contents of their shopping cart:

California: 10%-20%
Tennessee: 80+%

Number of times cops have stopped me to ask if I've seen anyone around fighting:

Tennessee: 2
California: 0

Number of times I've discovered I could afford to buy a house:

California: 0
Tennessee: 1

Number of species of creepy bugs found in my house (not including spiders):

California: 2-3
Tennessee: 5-10

Percentage of musicians:

California: ~10%
Tennessee: 90%


onefinemess said...

Sooo...poor overweight, machete wielding musicians for the win?

But seriously - machete story? Dude just walking down the street?

meg said...

i'm with andy. that one deserves it's own post.

Josh (the oak) said...


For the win indeed. Though, the guy with the machete would be white trash/redneck rather than musician.

@both of you

I'll consider writing up the machete story.

Nate said...

I need a count of mullets seen in Tennessee vs. CA. To make things fair, lets through out sightings made at the mall, I mean Wal-Mart.

skylana said...

Tennessee sounds um... super great.