Tuesday, April 8, 2008

This Can't Be Real Weather

I remarked to some new friends here today that the temperate part of California I hail from really only has 2 seasons: Fall and Not Fall. Fall is when its a little windier and late fall is when it rains. Other than that, you can't really tell the difference.

Well, it turns out that in Nashville, and I suppose the South at large, there are actual seasons. And it also turns out there are FOUR of them.

The current season, called "Spring" (and I'm not sure why) is a real puzzler. We are expecting a full week of hot days, high humidity and alternating sun and deadly lightning storms (or so the widget indicates).

Really? 78 Degrees and Thunderstorms? It's hotter on that day than on the sunny days? And that current temperature of 64 Degrees, that's at 9PM. This is the season called "Spring." I'm told there is also a season called "Summer" when it actually gets hot.


jenny moon said...

creepy,isn't it? i wore a tanktop to class yesterday but it might rain slash flood today so i guess that means i'm wearing what - waders and a tank top?

AND it turns out there's this weird thing called winter here in west virginia...it actually - gasp - snows(!)and i had to wear a coat to prevent frostbite instead of just wearing a coat cause it's cute like i did in california.

Anonymous said...

Portland has something like that. They have almost-summer and not-summer. Almost-summer is where it rains once in a while, and gets hot enough for a few days to make you wish you had air conditioning.

Not-summer is where it rains fairly frequently but has random days of sun thrown in the middle for no reason. Often not-summer has a daily identity crisis: last Friday for instance it was raining when I got to work, snowing when I tried to get some breakfast, sunny around lunch, then rainy later on.

I hear Seattle traded almost-summer for a whole year of not-summer.

In general, I haven't noticed much difference between what is supposed to be fall/winter/spring here, although they insist they have four seasons. I guess in winter it snows slightly more...but it all seems cracked out the last few years anyway.

Jen Smith said...

Not all of the South has seasons...Charleston, SC has 2 seasons: summer and not summer. Sure the flowers bloom in the vicinity of spring, but it goes from low 80s to high 90s and 99% humidity. And spring is over two days after it began.

Houston was the same, but I don't think of it as the South. It's part of Texas, and Texas is her own thang.

I'm staying on the Central Coast as long as I can!

meg said...

are we talking about the weather? is that what our long distance friendship has lead to? Talking about the weather!!??! sad.