Saturday, April 26, 2008

Let's go Eat at...Uhhh...

Any sizable city in America has at least one "Alternative Weekly" paper. At the risk of sounding callous, they are pretty much all the same. Arts and Entertainment, local highlights, cover stories about "the little guy" - be it a business, a renter, a prisoner, whatever. That isn't to say some are not better than others, quite the contrary, there are some I really like, but structurally they share roughly 80% of their elements.

One of those elements is the annual insert highlighting restaurants/pubs/bars, etc. Not surprisingly, this insert, wherever you may go, has the word "Menu" in the title. Here is Nashvegas we have the Nashville Scene, which recently ran their Menu of Menus (okaaaay).

Finally, I said to myself upon seeing this, we will have a decent selection of establishments when we eat out. We eat out so infrequently now that we don't want to waste any opportunity.

I could not have been any more wrong. In Nashville, a city with a metropolitan population of 1.4 million people has only 39 restaurants featured in their Menu of Menus. I am forced to conclude that either the editors are total snobs, the ad rates were exorbitant, or , there are only 39 interesting "restaurants" here in Nashville.

Maybe we'll find an italian place like this.


onefinemess said...

How long have you guys been out there now?

It's taken us quite a while each time we've moved to find places. Usually once we finally find a few (read: more than 3) places we like, we wind up moving.

Portland has less people than that, but I'm sure there are more "interesting" restaurants. Not ones that I would like mind you, but there are all kinds of crazy food freaks around here. All-Vegan restaurants, at least once place which is invite only and where you eat in someone's living room, FUCKTONS of eat-pubs, tacky ass sports bars, many many strip clubs that I'm sure serve some kind of food, and then everything else in between.

But, the weather here always sucks, so maybe the desire for indoor things to do has led to a proliferation of eateries.

Surprisingly, the local chains (like McMenamin's) are usually pretty good.

Good luck out there.

Josh (the oak) said...

We've been here almost 4 months.

We have one "adequate" Mexican food place we go to occasionally, but it is Sonora style, so you can't get anything spicy, and everything is green chili. I like verde sauce sometimes (with pork) but I usually prefer habanero-base. No such luck however.