Monday, February 25, 2008

Score one for Tennessee

I will admit that my social commentary both here and "IRL" may be construed as disparaging toward the South. Honestly, I believe that people are people no matter where you go and as humans, we all have things that we want and need. Location truly affects this very little. So my feelings toward the South aren't hostile or negative so much as they are indifferent and cynical. You know, how I feel about most everything in the world.

In this case, though I will give credit where it is due. A few weeks ago, the wife and I happened to decide to take the kids to the local "Center for the Visual Arts" because it features this great activity area with all sorts of art-related activities.

Coincidentally, that Saturday also happened to be the first Saturday after a new exhibit opened. This exhibit is unlike anything I have seen in California. Sure, you could find something of this caliber at the Getty, or at MOMA in The City, but Nashville is a city of 1.5 million. The LA Basin and Bay Area have populations of approximately 100- and 85-billion, respectively.

The exhibit features the following artists, among others:

Van Gogh

So, a relatively small city in Middle Tennessee is currently an entire Art History course unto itself. The collection is on loan from the Cleveland Museum of Art on display until June 1st. Come visit us and see it. I'll be going back.


jenny moon said...


that is some serious art ya got there...i AM surprised that a collection of that magnitude would come to where you are...

go go hillbilly art lovers!!

Flo Oakes said...

"The wife?"