Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Don't Know What Meat and Three Is

I'm not a card-carrying world traveller, but I've been a few places and eaten lots of different kinds of food. Food is one of the many things that differentiates a culture; food can tell you a lot.

There is something that happens here is the South called "Meat and Three." On two occasions, native Southerners have attempted to explain it, but the specifics still elude me.

I gather it is a meal, seemingly lunch, but a simple examination of the name raises many questions. I am concerned that no one has been any more specific than to use the term "Meat." And the completely abstract "Three" provides no context to decipher any further information. I gather that mechanics some how play an important role in this nebulous ritual as well, but my questions are always answered with platitudes ("It's great" and "You'll love it") or adjectives ("incredible", "huge", and "amazing").

I'm not too shy about food; I've eaten many different kinds of meat, but the possibility that this is an initiation has crossed my mind more than once. I have been promised a trip to "Meat and Three" next week, so if I make it back I'll let you know.


jenny moon said...

i didn't know either and was forced to google it out of curiosity - it appears to be a diner's choice of meat with three accompanying vegetable side dishes...hmmm...i'm still suspicious...

meg said...

personally, I can't think of 3 meats i'd like to eat. so all i can say is, "good luck with that."