Sunday, January 11, 2009

Extended Pause

Apologies for the lack of updates here for awhile.

I've now been in Nashville for a year, and posted on this blog 49 times for almost weekly average. However, after that much time I may be past the shock and surprise. Or at least I have started losing my frame of reference.

So for now anyway, I won't be posting here any longer.

You can continue to find my acerbic wit on twitter and my personal blog as well as my thinking about design and customer & user experience at

It was fun while it lasted, thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

Theme blogs do seem to have a limited lifespan.

Sorry to see you go native man ;).

Ryan said...

Even if the posts stop, does the tagline remain? Are you, as this now-defunct blog advertises, "still a Californian"?

skylana said...

sad. sad that youre done and sad that nashville is now your 'real' home.