Monday, October 13, 2008

What Nashville Beer are You

I post this not because it is funny, or even remotely meaningful, but because I feel obligated. I am generally disgusted by the internet "quiz culture" and despite how asinine, narrow, and ridiculously panderous it is, I give you:

Which Nashville Beer are You

I'm just glad there is a flash app that can tell me which local beer I would like as long as I can tell it what kind of beer I like. Everyone who knows me knows that I hardly talk about anything else.


meg said...

i hate you. i just went and took
i don't even drink beer.

skylana said...

i got the isle of skye ale... weird that i got the one beer with part of my name in it.... maybe someday i will see you guys again.... and i can try it. maybe. maybe not.

Ryan said...

Since I don't enjoy "cloying thickness," I'm an Iron Horse Stout, an extrovert, and my love language is "gifts."