Thursday, August 21, 2008

Only the Finest

I was doing some tandem web surfing this weekend (you know, 2 people, 2 computers and a lot of "Look at this, look at that") and ended up on the Tennessee Titans website, which features a link to their cheerleader's site. What kind of information would a cheerleading site have, other than pictures? "Something great" I thought and was compelled to click the link.

I figured Bios would be the place to go, and I was right. The bios contain answers to several questions, including "What would you take with you if you were stranded on a desert island" (or something along those lines). Some notable responses out of the 31 Bios:

  • 7 (22%) said Cell Phone/Smartphone. Reception and power will be easy to come by?
  • 7 (22%) said some form of Other People. To share in your misery?
  • 4 (14%) said iPod or Computer. Right.
  • 3 (10%) said Chapstick (ok) or Lip Gloss. LIP GLOSS?

There were some other doozies including a Genie and a bottomless Coke well. But most importantly only 2 Titans Cheerleaders would think to bring a boat.


onefinemess said...

I gotta say, this was about the 15th or 16th from last place I'd ever expect you to link (but well ahead of the Carolina Panthers cheerleaders).

So of course I clicked.

Random thoughts:
2 of them look like twins
1 looks like a drag, 3!
LOTS of fake blonds
Some really big foreheads.

It's nice to see that beauty isn't universal...because some of those girls are SCARY. Some are what I would consider attractive maybe they're going for some cross marketing...

"Brintley"..SERIOUSLY? What is this like Bentley+Britney??? HeLLA dumb. Her parents should be bleached.

Anyway, thanks for the laughs.

Josh (the oak) said...

Yeah, seriously. Lots of fake blondes. I told my wife when looking at the pictures that most of them don't actually look like human beings.

I guess there is a critical component of cheerleading that demands new hires be more than models.

Ryan said...

Isn't this your dream? To live on an island, I mean, not the cheerleaders. Give you a celly (with reception somehow), some choice other folks, a Mac, some Chapstick, and maybe a well of Mountain Dew (back when you weren't so svelte, anyway) and you'd be happy off the grid, right? Okay, you'd have a boat for emergencies, too.

Josh (the oak) said...

Well, yes. The rules of that game are different, but if i could live on an island like that the rest of my life I would not take a cell or a mac or dew or chapstick. Or probably even a boat, cause I wouldn't want to leave.

Somehow i doubt most people, even cheerleaders, would enjoy that sort of life.