Thursday, January 17, 2008

What is CD All About?

California Diaspora (CD hereafter) is a chronicle of the experiences of a Native Californian living in the South.  Specifically, living in Nashville, TN.

Nashville is a large city so many inhabitants are transplants like myself who were drawn here for various reasons.  Nashville is a major hub for several industries including the Christian and Country Music industries and their support industries (photography, videography, graphic design, music production and representation, etc), Book Publishing and Distribution (religious specifically), and many others.  So Nashville will perhaps not be as shocking or offensive as Left Coasters might think, but there is still plenty of strange stuff happening here.

I will also include some stories from my sojourn in Chattanooga, TN from a few years ago.

I invite comments on all posts and would love to read similar or conflicting experiences from the South.

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Nate said...

What kind of returns can I expect from your CD?